Pantanaw May 17

Pantanaw fish farming zone is being constructed to meet international standard and upon completion of the project, river catfish will only be farmed for export purposes, according to sources from Myanmar Fisheries Federation.

Located on 900 acres of land, the ish farming zone is under the control of Global Earth Company established by the federation. The project has started since 2017 and river catish will be raised on 400-acre land and factories will be built in the remaining land area for hatching, feedstuff, cold storage and production of flesh flakes.

The project that will inish by 2021 also includes staff housing. A 100-acre farm is now test-breeding river catish while necessary buildings are under construction. On completion of the project, local and foreign shareholders will be invited.

Farming system will also be in line with international standards. Conventionally, about 20,000 ingerlings are put into a one-acre farm for years-long breeding. At the Pantanaw zone, a one-acre farm will raise up to 120,000 ingerlings.

The farm will harvest two times a year. The latest breeding method will beneit farmers very much. River cat ish from the zone willmainly go to China and then to European market and US market. Aung Kyaw Hein 2019 ( Pantanaw fish farming )