The Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) is making a list of the number of students who take school buses and the number of private school buses.

The YRTA has bought 200 units of school buses and 65 of them are in operation at two schools in Kamayut and Yankin respectively, and the authority plans to operate remaining
buses in coming academic year.

The buses are 28-seaters installed with GPS and controlled by traffi c control center and a female bus conductor takes care of children on each bus, according to the YRTA.

The YRTA is therefore making a list of students taking ferry and existing number of private school buses in each basic education school.

“We are making a list of vehicles that meet our requirement. Currently, there are only a few. Most of the vehicles are right-hand drive though our requirement is left-hand drive,”
said secretary Dr Maung Aung of the YRTA.

The Yangon Region Government bought 200 units of Hyunai cars under government-to-government system from Posco Daewoo Corporation in 2017.

It also allows private school bus operators on condition that their busses meet the regulations of the Road Transport Administration Department. Pick-up and lighttrucks are not allowed to operate as school buses.